You’ll want to cook in tonight

 In Beaches, Salish Sea

Amongst the Tlingit people of Alaska, there is an old proverb:

“When the tide goes out the table is set.”

The Tlingit may be indigenous to Alaska, but they could easily have been talking about the bounty of Parksville Qualicum Beach.

Our shores are blessed with a cornucopia of oceanic edibles. Whenever the Salish Sea retreats from the shore, it leaves behind a banquet of fresh oysters, scallops, and herbs — the kind of authentic cuisine you would normally have to pay top dollar for at one of your city’s high end restaurants.

So rather than going out to eat when you visit Parksville, you may instead want to try staying in. The ocean provides the ingredients – all you need to do is bring some matches for the BBQ.

Nature’s finger food is right there for the picking.

Note: be sure to do your research and make sure shellfish safe to eat.