Visit Strathcona Park

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When you think of Vancouver Island, you probably think of stunning beaches, mild temperatures, and the laid-back, island vibe. But did you know that Vancouver Island is also home to breathtaking peaks, waterfalls, and glaciers?

Strathcona Provincial Park, located just over an hour away from Ocean Trails Resort, is a hiker’s paradise. The change in scenery — from the beach to the alpine in just an hour — makes the park feel like an entirely different world. Strathcona features the tallest peak on Vancouver Island: Mount Arrowsmith. If you’re planning on climbing Mount Arrowsmith, you’ll need a lot of mountaineering experience and gear; however, Strathcona has plenty of day hikes more well-suited for the average hiker. Venture to Lake Helen Mackenzie for an easy, family-friendly trek, or if you’re looking for heights, try Mount Becher.

When you’re there, keep an eye out for the little guys from the picture above. Whiskey jacks, sometimes called Canadian jays, are very friendly, curious songbirds that have no fear when it comes to humans. Hold out a bird-friendly snack, like some nuts or fruit, and they’ll be sure to come take their share.

We look forward to hearing about your adventures at Strathcona Provincial Park!