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What makes the best beach day?

There’s weather, to be sure. Sunny days – or even partly-sunny days – mean you can relax and unwind and enjoy the heat and the warmth nature gifts us. But perhaps even more important than the skies above are the tides below.

On special days, however, you get twice as much beach. These ‘extreme’ low tide days are a blessing, happening just a handful of times per year. Rathtrevor Beach is gifted with some of the most incredible sands in the Pacific Northwest, a relic of the Ice Age that saw sandy beaches deposited after the last glaciers melted and descended into the Pacific. On an average day you can walk hundreds of meters off shore at low tide across beautiful silky-smooth sands. On an extreme low tide day, you can walk a thousand.

A mile of pristine sands. The best time for long walks – and if you fancy a warm swim, heading out at the end of a sunny day as the tide comes in makes the Parksville water downright tropical!

Some upcoming extreme low tide dates:

  • May 25 to 29, with May 27 offering the lowest tide at 0.23 meters at 1:32 pm PDT.
  • June 22 to 26, with June 24 offering the lowest tide at 0.22 meters at 12:29 pm PDT.
  • July 21 to 25, with July 23 offering the lowest tide at 0.41 meters at 12:13 pm PDT.