Rathtrevor Listed as one of BC’s 10 Most Beautiful Beaches!

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Rathtrevor Beach was recently mentioned in an article by Narcity Media, listing it as one of BC’s 10 Most Beautiful Beaches. With so many qualities about this beach that make it so wonderful, there’s no surprise as to why.

We’ve compiled a list of the top three reasons why we love Rathtrevor Beach.

  1. The tide recedes almost a full kilometre leaving an endless beach play area. There is so much room to fly a kite, play Frisbee, splash around in the warm tide pools, and collect shells. Make sure to book your stay at Ocean Trails during low tide season, you can view the best times here.
  2. It provides one of the warmest ocean water beaches in all of Canada. When the tide goes out, the sun bakes the sand all day long. So naturally, when the tide comes back in, the combination of shallow water and hot sand produces tropical water temperatures.
  3. Rathtrevor Beach is great for families! The water is very safe for kids, as little ones can play in the tide pools, and bigger ones can venture out into the water for a mile and still be up to their waist. No need to worry about hitting a surprise under water drop off.


We’re so lucky that Ocean Trails is just steps away from one of the top beaches in Canada!