Plant a Seed Today, Plant a Flower Tomorrow

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Gardening is serious business, and we like to take our grounds keeping seriously at Ocean Trails.

We prefer to have our guests arrive at Ocean Trails and be struck by the stunning vision of our location: a kaleidoscope of coloured flowers, pristine grass, and serene forest trails – all overlooking one of the best beaches in Canada.

There is just something fulfilling about planting seeds that grow into such stunning beauty. By surrounding ourselves with nature and including it in our lives, we feel that Ocean Trails becomes more than just a place to hang up your coat. It becomes a place to belong.

Whether you stop by for a night or two, or visit for one of our famous long stays, our wooded area and sculpted grounds are here for you to experience.

Enjoy your morning meditation, your afternoon picnic, or your daily jog. Just don’t forget to occasionally take a moment to literally stop and smell the roses.

You’ll be glad you did.