In events

Will you be joining us this Sunday for one of Vancouver Island’s largest street parties?

P-ART-Y on the Drive (September 10, 12:00pm-4:00pm) is one of our favourite events each year, as thousands flock to Resort Drive outside our doors for an annual celebration of art, music, and food. Last year saw over 7,500 people join us, and this year we expect even more.

So, what’s new? We’re glad you asked! This year a farmer’s market is being added to the mix, meaning not only can you have a delicious lunch or snack at one of the many food trucks on the drive, but after you’ve taken in some entertainment and local artisans, you can also shop for some fresh, local products to take home for dinner!

There’s nothing quite like being able to get everything you need right outside your doors, and P-ART-Y on the Drive means we can leave the comfort of our wooded condos, walk for 5-10 minutes, get everything we need, and retire for the evening with a fresh, delicious meal (and maybe a turn in the hot tub once the sun goes down).

We’ll see you there!