Out with the Old, in with the New!

 In Accommodations, Activities

We are very excited to announce some big improvements heading to us here at Ocean Trails. Our beloved pool and hot tub will be replaced with an all new aquatic centre ready for next spring!

Not to worry, this project will begin in the fall of 2018 so as not to disrupt use of our pool during the upcoming summer season. It will mean that guests during the fall and winter season of 2018/2019 will not have access to the hot tub, and for that inconvenience we do apologize.

The new aquatic centre will provide our guests a brand new pool, hot tub, and patio area complete with new furniture and loungers. We know how much our guests enjoy this part of our property year-round so we are thrilled about this update.

For an idea of how the new aquatic centre will look upon completion, we invite you to view this video from our developer: https://youtu.be/AusRd5dmncc.