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Everyone talks about Cathedral Grove, Horne Lake Caves, and Long Beach when they talk about Vancouver Island. Incredible old growth forests, amazing caving, and world-renown beaches are worth the trip for sure. But what about the other places worth exploring when you visit? What else can you find when you choose to explore the area a little more off the beaten path?

Vancouver Island is a true natural wonder in and of itself, and the beautiful forests and vistas are endless. Here are a couple spots worth visiting that happen to be relatively close to Ocean Trails: Englishman River Provincial Park and Top Bridge Regional Trail.

One of the closest parks to Ocean Trails Resort once you get past Rathrevor Beach Provincial Park, Englishman River Provincial Park is one of Parksville’s most prominent local points of interest. The waterfalls the park is named for are beautiful, and there is a fair amount of hiking available.

Top Bridge Regional Trail is 5km of rustic scenery on a well built and very accessible path. In the summer locals like to swim in the river, which will be quite chilly to those who typically enjoy warmer climates.


A full day’s adventure in nature and you don’t even have to go far from Ocean Trails to enjoy it!