Long Stays at Ocean Trails

 In Accommodations

When it comes to long stays, one of the best times of the year – and most overlooked – is right now!

Not only is it cozy and private, but you really can’t beat the price. Ocean Trail Resort long stay vacations are considered by many to be an absolute must from time to time.

While staying here for weeks or months, you can fully immerse yourself in the community of Parksville and Qualicum Beach, and enjoy the sights of an area that is as world famous as it is amazing. You can go see the Qualicum Beach Museum, Heritage Forest, check out the wildlife, experiencing breathtaking Qualicum Falls or Englishman River Falls, see the nearby Coombs Country Market (home of Goats on Roof!), the spectacular and amazing Cathedral Grove, and bunch of wonderful places to eat.

Then there’s Parksville itself, a quiet, friendly small town with all the charm you’d expect. Plenty of places to dine, a vibrant local art scene, antique shops, used book stores, and all the usual places you’d expect to see: grocery stores, markets, pharmacies, video stores, electronics boutiques, and more.

Ocean Trails Resort is an ideal place to relax and unwind for a few days, weeks, or months. Are you ready for a long stay in a place that will capture your heart?