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Some of the largest and most beautiful trees in the world call Vancouver Island their home. These forests embody the word ancient, some with centuries-old gargantuan firs that have lived for more than 800 years. These forests are pure magic.

MacMillan Provincial Park – known around the world as Cathedral Grove – is one of these forests. Located on the Port Alberni Highway about 25-30 minutes from Ocean Trails, this extremely-accessible strand of incredible Douglas Firs is one of the most magnificent natural relics you’ve ever experienced, with some trees as wide as nine meters across.

The power and beauty of these trees has not gone unnoticed, and every year tens of thousands visit these ancient trees.

We highly recommend it. And while you’re out there, whether just for the trip to the grove or on your way to Tofino, make sure to stop by Coombs Old Country Market as well – hiking in Cathedral Grove and visiting the market with goats on the roof make for a fantastic day trip!