Getting up Close with Eagles

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The story of the fishermen who had an eagle land on their fishing boat in the Shuswap region of B.C. has swept the province in the past week. Despite the fact that eagles are fairly common across our province, their size is often forgotten when viewed from afar. The encounter has left us awe-struck with the bird of prey and watching for them!

We’ve compiled a few fun eagle facts for the next time you’re out walking Rathtrevor Beach or taking in any of the many nature attractions:

  • There are two types of eagles that can be seen around Vancouver Island, the Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle. The Golden Eagle is not very common though.
  • Bald eagles aren’t actually bald, but comes from the word “piebald” meaning patchy.
  • Eagles see up to 7 times further than people.
  • When an eagle loses a feather on a wing, it loses a feather on the opposite one to keep its balance.
  • Females are typically larger than males.
  • They stay with one partner their entire life—literally following the vow “til death do us part”!

Happy eagle watching!