Find the Famous Goats on the Roof in Coombs!

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Are you looking for an easy afternoon of fun to fill a summer’s day? The small community of Coombs is just on the other side of Highway 19 from Parksville, and definitely worth a visit. The Coombs Old Country Market is famous for their goats on the roof—literally. So how exactly did farm animals end up on top of a market?

The Market dates back to 1973. Built by the Norwegian couple Kris and Solveig Graaten, the market was made in true Norwegian fashion with a sod roof. Rumour has it that the grass on the roof needed “mowing” and the easiest solution was to “borrow” a few goats from the Coombs Fall Fair to trim it back! Not only is it entertaining to watch the goats, but it’s environmentally friendly.

There’s more than just goats at the market though! The Old Country Market is famous for its ice cream, as well as international foods, gifts, fresh produce, and a restaurant. Want to see it all for yourself? Just ask our concierge for directions and we’ll happily point you in the right direction!