Check out What’s Happening Around Ocean Trails

Learn About All Things Fungi!

Vancouver Island is home to temperate rainforests, making perfect conditions for mushroom growth. Due to the many kinds of mushrooms varying from delicious to poisonous, it’s important to know [...]

Escape to the Beach This Fall

There’s nothing like the Pacific Northwest in the fall- from the colours of the trees to the crisp blue sky, the cooler temperatures do nothing to dampen the beauty of the outdoors! Fall can be a [...]

Getting up Close with Eagles

The story of the fishermen who had an eagle land on their fishing boat in the Shuswap region of B.C. has swept the province in the past week. Despite the fact that eagles are fairly common across [...]

Fall on the South Island

Even though it’s hard to bid farewell to summer, fall is a beautiful season on Vancouver Island and there are a wide range of things to look forward to. From outdoor activities to festivals, we [...]

Record Breaking Heat Makes for Hot Summer Days

Our island has been enjoying a hot summer, making it easy to spend the day at the beach or at our pool. If you’ve thought this week has felt hotter than usual though, you are right! The [...]

Find the Famous Goats on the Roof in Coombs!

Are you looking for an easy afternoon of fun to fill a summer’s day? The small community of Coombs is just on the other side of Highway 19 from Parksville, and definitely worth a visit. The [...]