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For more than 20 years the Brant Wildlife Festival has taken place each Spring in Parksville and Qualicum Beach. It’s a celebration of nature and a true staple of the community.

And this year, the festival returns once again end of April/early March.

But what is the Brant Wildlife Festival, and why should you care? Well, the Brant Wildlife Festival is about, well, Brants – Brant Geese, that is. They arrive each year during the spring from long flights north from Mexico, and they arrive thin. Most only have a few days to stop, eat, and gather their strength before the rest of their non-stop flight up north to Alaska.

The Brant Wildlife Festival is both a celebration of nature – observing these beautiful geese during their brief stay with us – but also a conservation: Brant numbers are decreasing. Human impact through climate change and habitat destruction contribute to their decline.

The Nature Trust of British Columbia has been organizing the festival since 2006 when the previous non-profit organization, the Mid-Island Wildlife Watch Society, was dissolved, transferring ownership of the festival.

Join us on the beaches this spring to observe this annual tradition.