Book a Trip for Your Well Being—Literally!

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We’ve passed Blue Monday in January but winter’s greys (or maybe even whites with the recent cold snap!) are going to be around for a little longer. We think that we might just have the cure for the winter blues though, and it’s as simple as booking a trip to Parksville!

It’s now scientifically proven that forest bathing, also known as spending time in nature, has health benefits due to the oils and clean air released from trees and other vegetation. Bodies of water, also called “blue space” is also known to have positive effects on our mental and emotional states. Water causes feelings of calm, while the sound and movement of water slows the brain, causing a meditative state.

At Ocean Trails we have the benefits of both: nature trails through Rathtrevor Park, and of course, the beach! There are many other nature attractions nearby as well to maximize the sense of well being gained from being outdoors. And if you need a little something more to feel restored, don’t forget BC’s largest resort spa is just a short stroll away at Tigh Na Mara for a mineral bath and spa treatment.

Ready to book your wellness getaway in Parksville? Contact us today!