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The incredible sandy beaches you find sporadically placed throughout British Columbia are something of an anomaly along our rocky shores. Why do strikingly silky-smooth sands stretch out across these endless beaches dominate Parksville and Qualicum Beach when barnacle-encrusted rocky waterfront is the norm for so much of Vancouver Island?

The answer, in short, is the Quadra Sands: sediments deposited in these unique locations as glaciers ground their way across the landscape at the end of the ice age. As these icy mountains melted, they left behind long stretches of beautiful, smooth sandy beaches.

Rathtrevor Beach is one of these beaches, and you can find it right outside our doors, but it isn’t the only one nearby – there’s also Parksville Beach, Qualicum Beach, and many others.

We have the Quadra Sands to thank for our beautiful beaches, and we are reminded of that fact every day!