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When enjoying a longer stay in Parksville, time is on your side. Days can be spent enjoying the natural wealth and beauty of mid Vancouver Island, the Salish Sea, the incredible parks – there is no need to rush.

Cathedral Grove and Cameron Lake reward those who take their time.

Known officially as MacMillan Provincial Park, Cathedral Grove is home to some of the largest fir trees found anywhere in the world. These ancient goliaths along the Port Alberni Highway are a must-visit for anyone spending time on Vancouver Island, offering picturesque trails in pristine British Columbian wilderness.

It’s not just fir trees along the Port Alberni Highway. Drivers also pass by one of the island’s great mysteries: Cameron Lake, situated in Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park. Cameron Lake is something of a Cryptozoologist’s dream, with legends of a creature hiding in its depths as recently as 2009. No need to worry, however –Cameron Lake is a beautiful and tranquil spot, surrounded by mountains and ancient forests.

Not more than an hour away from Ocean Trails even during summer months with more traffic, both Cameron Lake and Cathedral Grove make for days well spent.